If you follow me on Twitter or instagram.... Then soon you will see a new trend called

iDraws that I will be doing for more posts...

I'm trying to see if I can't show you guys exactly what I am made of!!!

IG: @Millsburymedia & @MillsburyArtz2go Twitter: @MillsburyMedia

Just a quick update

New stories and comics coming written and created by other people while I ... Maurice Miller.. Mister Millsbury Media himself.. will be collaborating in giving artistic help in non-millsbury media materials.

Look forward to it!!!

Happy Holidays to All of you guys out there!!! 

:D :D :D :D :D :D

I apologize for the frequent personal updates.

... but as an artist... have you ever felt sooo exhausted ... or better yet have you felt sooo drained creatively in one area that when you WANT to push out some creativity ... but

you literally can't

I'm over here staring at...

So you guys have probably been wondering.

I've on and off a lot lately ... mainly off...

Well it's definitely has been like that ... I have been dealing with a lot of "POP-up" 

situations... but hopefully in November all of that will slow down.

I have added June Seven on t...

Yea you read it right. It's a Update...

Next week is the Pancake and Booze Art showcase that Millsbury Media will be a part of. Please come out and see what pieces I've put up.

This week some new content with Pride Helix will be released later today on Tapas and the next...


This day marks the birthday of Millsbury Media's Sole artist Maurice Miller

and the web-comic/comic series "June Seven". 

I am doing a birthday promotion for graphic design commissions so if you seen that one floating around then feel free to respond to it!...

Sorry you guys,

If you were expecting new stuff from Pride Helix and June Seven... I've been sick the past few days getting over a allergy spell and catching up on commission work before I go out of town tomorrow (5/24/18) for Animazement 2018.

Look out for me then. Othe...

You probably haven't seen me posting much since the last update of Pride Helix.

Don't worry. I'm catching back up. I'll have pages a new for the series for tomorrow hopefully lol

Also preparing to launch June Seven on Tapas and a new series

On top of everything re-organiz...

April 10th 2018 was the Magnify event at the Fillmore for the local artist in Charlotte.

It was a very nice experience and I was happy to be a part of it.

Everyone looked at work, took prints (well the free ones of course) and bought comic books. 

I sold all of the copies...

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