Pride Helix will Hit

So Pride Helix has been a work in progress. I been developing the first 2 chapter back in 2012 as I continued and did Chapter 3 in 2014 ... Now Continuing it with Chapters 4 and on today. As Pride Helix is just now publishing Chapters 1 and 2 right now on (Soon chapter 3 in the end of Feburary) You will see how much my sequential art capabilities has changed despite the equipment hasn't differ much. I've decided to Publish Pride Helix on Tapas as well... including a new intro-chapter along with it... (Mainly because merchandise has been sold with the overall antagonist on shirts in my webstore and he hasn't appeared in the comic directly just yet) I will include those pages on

Updates for the Updaters

I love my little mascot guy!!! If only there is an emoji for him lol I will be adding small tid-bits to the website and trying to update the website's store as well as I go Also have updates for the Millsbury Cartoons webcomic for the next three days as well as Pride Helix and June Seven! Keep Updated!!!

Graphic Designing and The Fine Arts

I know my favorite area in the arts is Entertainment, Illustration and animation, but I am also a experienced graphic artist and have been working in the field over a decade with a degree. I am working on a few projects that will later come to the Millsbury Media Showcase as I update my Portfolio. I will be creating some art pieces that will be on sale in the store and visible in the Arts section. I have some abstract ideas that I need to throw up on a canvas so that is underway! Please keep looking for my stuff. I promise I won't disappoint...

First of the month... First Monday!!!

Hey Millsbury Followers, Maurice here! Glad everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl Sunday! I guess mainly the Eagles fans lol! Just an update with what I am doing. After checking out my statistics I see that my web comic Pride Helix has became a fan favorite! So I've been trying to push out more content for the series to keep you guys engaged, but sometimes my personal life doesn't want to give me a break... Finding myself trying to do a lot with so little and even less time to spare. I will be working on a few things to speed up the process. Please hang in there with me for this one you guys! I really think you guys will like the rest of the story on this series! I'll also post more on the forum

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