Hiatus... Web-comics next week

So I'm not sure if many people celebrate Easter, but it is Easter Weekend for me and the next week lays heavy for this showcase thing(April 10th Charlotte NC.. MAGNIFY Get Tickets Here!!!) Pride Helix and June Seven will continue to have page updates in April, but on Tapas Pride Helix will (maybe) be on Hiatus next week depending on how fast I can get pages done for the next chapter of Pride. Though the current arcing chapters of Pride Helix and June Seven will End this month... New stories are coming up in both Pride Helix and June Seven. Just so there isn't any gaps in waits... I might throw in some bonus content for Pride Helix and June Seven during their hiatus periods... As I am still d

Updates with Hero

Long week last week and really hate that it's monday, but we gotta keep pushing, right? 12 business days until the showcase. I'm excited and also staggering to show the most of my work I can... I hope the lot of you guys will come and support! As Pride Helix and June Seven is coming to a close on the chapter events. The new arcs are beginning afterwards!!! Excited!? Check those series out on Wednesdays and Thursdays in their webcomic hosting platforms. Will be planning on doing a lot more web scenes for the Arts, the comics and Graphic design stuff. as well as posting more on deviantart, flickr and behance. YOU WILL SEE MORE OF MILLSBURY MEDIA!!!! PROMISE!!! #NotYouTypicalArtist #MillsburyMe

Thoughts and Engagements

I've been contemplating about this for a minute. a comic series incorporating the characters of Millsbury Media Comics. Lead by a completely new guy that is... A series where Nero, Gyles, Merci, Gerald Seven, Stellar, Grizzly, and Orkid ventures in one world it's just a thought right now, but I really want to push this forward after I develop June Seven a little better.. in other news: I might start pushing more art to my Deviantart since I haven't in soooo long. You guys will see a lot from me... Stay tuned

Pride Helix Update

New pages today on Comic Fury and Tapas! This is the arc where the comic might slow up more because I really need to catch up on updates lol... In the meantime. It's definitely available!!! the physical copy of Pride Helix. In all bookstores online and including Millsbury Media!!! Links for Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/maurice-hero-miller/millsbury-medias-pride-helix/paperback/product-23570000.html and Links for Millsbury: www.millsburymedia.com/comic I'm so excited!!!


IT'S COMING. IT'S COMING!!! PRIDE HELIX FULL FIRST ISSUE INCLUDES chapters 1 through 4 and more First 3 copies might be available at the Magnify Event at the Fillmore on April 10th, 7pm!!! Keep reading Pride Helix on Here, Tapas, and Comic Fury!

Running behind Schedule ...

So today coming into work. (Yea.. I work for a company as well as for myself) I'm noticing how incredibly buried I am with stuff. ...And this is just me ranting Getting off and not having enough time to work on personal projects ... Not to mention that none of my peers and immediate family were helping ..."Laugh Out Loud" On top of that majority of the stuff I had planned to develop isn't to the quality of how I wanted it... Back to Square one.. Which is a very frustrating process especially when you need everything done and in hand by the 6th of April ... X( Be patient with me. as I continue to progress through these trials... Hopefully it will all come together, I pray lol.

RAWartist MAGNIFY April 10th

RAW CHARLOTTE PRESENTS MAGNIFYAPRIL 10TH 7:00PM EDT | THE FILLMORE18++ EVENT | TICKETS $22 PRESALE and $30 AT DOOR Yo Yall have got to remember to come out and see my artistry in action... well I won't be doing any live artwork, but I would love to see you guys out!!! Buy something at my both and get freebies as well ... Well the first few purchases!! XD XD XD www.rawartists.org/millsburymedia

Web changes coming soon

So I was told that my website might be confusing to navigate. I think I will make some changes... not necessarily to the website because I am in love with my layout, but maybe a tutorial pop-up... ? I will keep you guys posted.

Just so you know... FYI

(Sort of an synopsis-autobiography of Maurice HERO Miller.. The Artist and Millsbury Media) I am NOT your average artist... I'm a visual artist in an entirety.. Yes! ... But I am so much more "Oh he just does comics and cartoons"... No I don't " Oh he just do anime stuff" ... No I don't "Oh he isn't a painter" ... Yes I am "He can't do realistic artwork"... Yes I can Maybe this turned into a little rant, but an artist is someone who produces creative arts whether if it is film.. a sculpture.. a graphic novel or a painting.. digital or physical... it is ALL ART... and I do majority of just that. I am a Artist... a artist that likes to Express his vision, thoughts, dreams, stories, and ideas i

Keep up with your favorite Artist

HEY!!! i HAVE SOME EVENT COMING UP not to mention that Millsbury Media comics does post weekly but the Publications or Pride Helix and June Seven is coming to their season finales before their new chapters in SUMMER 2018 Also Pride Helix's release on Tapas and it's Volume 1 release Also See me in person at the Fillmore in April (April 10th 2018) ~Link to tickets is here~ Very excited about the things coming up going forward! I look forward to presenting a lot to you guys with Millsbury Media Artwork!!!

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