Random Rants on a Sunday

It’s almost impossible to work when your body wants to act... tired. So many ideas and not all has been executed just yet. Lol just wanted to message that tid bit lol -MauriceM


While I am catching up on commission work. I am also catching up on Web-comic work as well ... including branching out on my other art stuff. If you are looking on new material from me. Don't worry. It's coming. I just have an issue of not being able to manage personal business time a part from my graphic design job and peers in general. lol I gotta do better Somethings I will be posting up as well to help support Millsbury Media! and other things... Like I want to be able to help other with the very thing I love doing. Hopefully this can get this off the ground! I'll post more about it later on... It's just progression ... ^_^

Me on today (4/17/18)

Okay! Okay! Okay! I been super busy the past month and now that I've got a little off my shoulder. I've been hit with a wave of new/old requests. I'm sort of letting my feet settle while learning how to walk again. As in I've been struggling trying to keep myself up and going after running around rapidly the past two months. I'm doing my best guys!!! Side note: Really hoping today is a fast day >_< -Maurice M

RAWartists Experience

April 10th 2018 was the Magnify event at the Fillmore for the local artist in Charlotte. It was a very nice experience and I was happy to be a part of it. Everyone looked at work, took prints (well the free ones of course) and bought comic books. I sold all of the copies I had of Issues #1 of Pride Helix, PiRated, and June Seven. Check out my profile on RAW at RAWartist.org/millsburymedia and see if I will appear at another one, because I definitely will! with new material and originals to show off. Extremely grateful for the ones who came out to support and those who supported though weren't able to physically attend. I know I am just a simple artist with simple dreams, but with big goals.

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