Sorry you guys!!! :)

Sorry you guys, If you were expecting new stuff from Pride Helix and June Seven... I've been sick the past few days getting over a allergy spell and catching up on commission work before I go out of town tomorrow (5/24/18) for Animazement 2018. Look out for me then. Other than that Please keep on the look out. I'll post some stuff here or there! Apologizing again! :) I love you guys!

What is this month like?

I know that Pride Helix missed another week. Hate to say it might be like that every now and again with the Two months going forward... Have been figuring out some business avenues as well as trying to get out of a "No-Mojo" funk. There is just a lot going on. I know you guys understand. You will see stuff from me. Just keep posted and be sure to keep up with your favorite artist! :) thank you guys!

Playing the Catch up game!

You probably haven't seen me posting much since the last update of Pride Helix. Don't worry. I'm catching back up. I'll have pages a new for the series for tomorrow hopefully lol Also preparing to launch June Seven on Tapas and a new series On top of everything re-organizing the youtube channel for updates as well.

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