Comic Digital Downloads are here

Yea you read it

I've been posting new digital download content

for the comics I have up in readable pdf forms for purchase.

I will be making them for purchase based on their compilation. I know in the analogy web comics that some of the pages are extremely scattered so this will place them in the right order and if you purchase digital content.

I'll be able to put your name on the list for bonus content. '

This includes the newer things I am developing as the year progress.

The more the download purchases. The bigger the content. (example: If you download purchase one thing you will get a minimal of one new content never seen online by millsbury media. Download more than one download purchase you can get more than one digital content as well as free physical content like shirts, plush dolls and more. be apart of the craze!)

Big things are seriously coming and I want to do my best in showing you guys what I've been creating!

Support Millsbury Media!!!