Pride Helix will Hit

So Pride Helix has been a work in progress. I been developing the first 2 chapter back in 2012 as I continued and did Chapter 3 in 2014 ... Now Continuing it with Chapters 4 and on today.

As Pride Helix is just now publishing Chapters 1 and 2 right now on (Soon chapter 3 in the end of Feburary)

You will see how much my sequential art capabilities has changed despite the equipment hasn't differ much.

I've decided to Publish Pride Helix on Tapas as well... including a new intro-chapter along with it...

(Mainly because merchandise has been sold with the overall antagonist on shirts in my webstore and he hasn't appeared in the comic directly just yet)

I will include those pages on Tapas in full color as well as information pages for the series giving a way more clear understanding of the world of Pride Helix. (As The new Chapter goes on Tapas it will go on Comicfury as well automatically as well)

Please stay posted. I am really excited about this!!!