Just so you know... FYI

(Sort of an synopsis-autobiography of Maurice HERO Miller.. The Artist and Millsbury Media)

I am NOT your average artist...

I'm a visual artist in an entirety.. Yes! ... But I am so much more

"Oh he just does comics and cartoons"... No I don't

" Oh he just do anime stuff" ... No I don't

"Oh he isn't a painter" ... Yes I am

"He can't do realistic artwork"... Yes I can

Maybe this turned into a little rant, but an artist is someone who produces creative arts whether if it is film.. a sculpture.. a graphic novel or a painting.. digital or physical... it is ALL ART...

and I do majority of just that. I am a Artist... a artist that likes to Express his vision, thoughts, dreams, stories, and ideas in visual form... whether if it is a Comic book or Web Comic, Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Cartoon character, Animation, or Digital artwork... It's all what makes me an Unique Artist. A Multi-Talented artist... and no one trick pony.

Don't count me out or short-look me... I can Surprise you!