Hiatus... Web-comics next week

So I'm not sure if many people celebrate Easter, but it is Easter Weekend for me and the next week lays heavy for this showcase thing(April 10th Charlotte NC.. MAGNIFY Get Tickets Here!!!)

Pride Helix and June Seven will continue to have page updates in April, but on Tapas Pride Helix will (maybe) be on Hiatus next week depending on how fast I can get pages done for the next chapter of Pride. Though the current arcing chapters of Pride Helix and June Seven will End this month...

New stories are coming up in both Pride Helix and June Seven. Just so there isn't any gaps in waits... I might throw in some bonus content for Pride Helix and June Seven during their hiatus periods...

As I am still doing Artwork and preparing for more stuff. I really hope you guys are liking what is being presented coming your way!!!

and I'm working on doing a youtube channel that isn't see personal based...

Hope you all tune in!!!

- Hero

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