RAWartists Experience

April 10th 2018 was the Magnify event at the Fillmore for the local artist in Charlotte.

It was a very nice experience and I was happy to be a part of it.

Everyone looked at work, took prints (well the free ones of course) and bought comic books.

I sold all of the copies I had of Issues #1 of Pride Helix, PiRated, and June Seven.

Check out my profile on RAW at RAWartist.org/millsburymedia

and see if I will appear at another one, because I definitely will!

with new material and originals to show off.

Extremely grateful for the ones who came out to support and those who supported though weren't able to physically attend. I know I am just a simple artist with simple dreams, but with big goals. Hopefully this pushes forward to help myself and others in the process!!! By the way I love all of you guys!!! I have pictures and videos and will post them up soon!

Also everything that wasn't sold on the showcase will be available on Millsbury Media soon as well