This day marks the birthday of Millsbury Media's Sole artist Maurice Miller

and the web-comic/comic series "June Seven".

I am doing a birthday promotion for graphic design commissions so if you seen that one floating around then feel free to respond to it! I am waiting.

Since it is my birthday... It's only right to give the gift of new about what's going on with Millsbury Media.

Right now the Website is going to get a new opening page with new features so look forward to that

as well as the announcement of the first Full 2007- Spring'18 Maurice Miller's Millsbury Media Comic anthology that will be call 'Millsbury Universe' (working title)... will feature all of my one-shot comics and every on-going web-comic currently running.

There is a lot more in store. Please keep posted with me on the forums, Instagram or twitter or facebook.

:) :) :)