Being Pushed Back ...

So apparently trying to get stuff done in your life can be extremely hard...

Starting out 2019 has been an extremely eventful ride so far... with Blessings and misfortunes all rolled in one, but for some reason We are all still floating above water!

I've been trying to move forward with the Millsbury Media Youtube channel and ...

I can tell you being an employee full-time and freelancing with little personal time can create little room for newer content. Which I am still figuring out! Please bare with me!!!

Web-comics are still being updated as we speak on Tapas.

As well as a new one shot chapter for June Seven premiering this year

And be on the look out for Showcases that I will be featured in

I will get it all the way together before the first of March! I promise!!!

Don't forget about your favorite artist!!! :)

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