2020 Holidays: What are we looking for?

So with the year 2020 being so hectic...

Political discord, Killing worldwide sweeping viruses, and killer insects.. especially Bees

Are we in the phase where we can fellowship (church slang) with our families?

This feed entry is kind of a personal one..

Personally this year has been exhausting and non-beneficial for me.. my field in my career has been fickle. I've been fortunate enough to not be tossed into the wind, but with the work load and the income coming in has been HARD...

I haven't been able to produce much artwork since winter of 2020 since the casualties the world has been in, but hopefully NOVEMBER will be different with things I and the things I have collaborations with have coming.

I'm excited for the future... despite the fatigue and disorder in my life. I'm looking for the best!

Let's go!!!