A Starving Artist...

Have you been watching me feeds on youtube and instagram?

Times here is no joke... and it's mentally draining trying to lead a somewhat comfortable life where worrying about getting your next paycheck or eating the next day isn't an issue.

We know the term "Starving Artist"... being an artist is a hard field and unless you have tech, it engineering or web development skills in addition to your art and design skills... most companies and businesses might not value as a full asset...

Especially when it comes to dealing with artist stigma...

Clients needing advertisement, but wanting work that they aren't even sure of or have a vision for.

... wanting to take back their money, because the art isn't what they want despite it being exactly what they asked for.

... not wanting to pay an artist until the work is done first or deciding to with hold their money after the artist did so much work

I've dealt with people who wanted to write a contract for me on a 15$ art job (mind you I never do anything under 30$ and will not sign or let anyone write a contract for me unless the amount after the job is done is at least over 160$)

Some people without creative prowess can take other things for granted.

As an artist we know our worth and should get paid for the work we do. I personally don't think an artist should ever do work and get paid afterwards. You do not know how many times I've been taken advantage of when I first started. It got so bad that I never take in work that I don't at least earn a deposit for first.

Things happen in life which kind of places things into perspective on where in the world and universe you are...

what is your value level and if you will make a mark in this world before you leave it...

everyone matters believe it or not and that includes the creative man as well

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