April 3, 2020 - New update in what’s going on

Hey you guys, it’s your favorite artist Maurice Miller!

hitting you guys up with a few new updates.

with how the world is going about the COVID-19 situation… I found myself with more time to better manage myself with everything that’s going on

While I am catching up on freelance as well as trying to adapt to this new venue of working… I also want to think on ways to keep you guys accurately updated with me…

I have not in anyway been the most consistent with my content. It has a lot to do with me taking on jobs and freelance work that requires me not to flaunt my involvement in it. This means the abundance of work I’ve done were things I could not show or share with you guys. So finding time to do personal work has been hard.

I am gaining better control over it. ... or I feel like I am.

well. Let me get to the parts that are good...

while you may know by now that I am not much of a public speaker… So I will be publishing a lot of videos that will have no voice audio and more dialogue....

I will also start setting up the Wikipedia category for the self created and original comics And stories mentioned in these feed.

I will start doing more miscellaneous videos for entertainment as well as vaguely periodic lives For the website.

Also when it comes to videos I will probably do animated cutscene videos for the Millsbury Media comicverse series here on the site. Starting off with unofficial audio and music. Until I can afford to hire voice actors and instrumental creators for these project. I’m going to update the comic profiles on the site so people can easily read each comic on the website.

i also wanted to begin production on a subsite called “The Studio”... intel on this soon...

I am pretty sure this sounds like a lot but believe me. This stuff might come out extremely slowly. Please bare with me!

Thanks for your support. Seriously! I love you guys.



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