Arkane Knight, New webseries coming Friday

Have you been following me on IG? Millsbury Media has some new stuff to push out... Millsbury Media has some new Babies coming forward in collaborations with other people.

Maybe that was a bad metaphor, but new things are coming and it starts this week.

Millsbury Media's Maurice Miller a.k.a. Me has been working with UH Comic's writer @project_nympho on IG ( @MKDV0001 on Twitter and @UHcomic on both platforms) to bring one of his stories to Webtoons and ...

This series is called "Arkane Knight: Arkane Rebellion" ... Little will be discussed by me on the series so be sure to follow @project_nympho for more information on these characters are the story.

You can access the comic on it's release date of October 23rd on Webtoons, Tapas, and I will have a affiliations hub in the comic section for the series later after the date.

I'm excited for you guys to see it. and I'm sure the creator is excited to bring this story to you guys as well.

Follow more info here on for more intel before the date... See you soon!