Updated: Apr 10, 2019

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Gerald Seven as seen in his outfit in issue 1

Gerald Seven


  • Aliases: "Golden Spectrum Soul"

  • Species: 1/2 Earth Human, 1/2 Obiliton Human

  • Relatives: Marta Seven (Sister, Alive), Mesirae Seven (Planet Earth born Human Mother ( Thought to be deceased)), Tigeress Seven (Planet Obiliton born Human Father (Alive but lost according to records))

  • Affiliations: June Seven ( First member and Leader ), Renegade Space ( Current citizen)

  • Birth date: June 7th 2002 (Current age in comics 22)

  • Millsbury Media Universe Period and Location: Present day Era (Between year 2000 - 2030) Infinity 2 in infinite year count

  • Abilities: Skilled at Close Hand-to-Hand Combat, Zy-ghost Technique - an Obiliton ancient technique that grants the user the ability to create Hard-Natural energy constructs that only imitates animal, beasts or allies attributes for combat such as a wolf's claw or eagle's wings. Also grants the ability to assist or fight against spiritual/mental struggles. The technique does comes with rules and complications like loosing the trust of a friend or creature that you used to base constructs on. Soul Emulation - To harness one's self spiritual energy in combat


Gerald is a strong willed, always improving and semi-understanding individual. Considered exotic because of his partial paternal alien upbringing. He has always influenced other to either follow him or develop the urge to want an adventurous, heroic, team player life style. Though he can be ignorant to non-traditional views that aren't considered earth's norm, but is optimistic to everybody.

Gerald can get easily irritated or impatient with immature behavior during certain scenario or children in general. For example Gerald quickly got tired of trying to explain a dangerous situation once to Stellar's Earth school friends and told them to go home.

Gerald has a friendly compassion towards his teammates. As he sees Grizzly and Orkid as best-friends such as frat brothers would treat each other during party events. While he sees Stellar as a little brother and someone who looks up to him.

Gerald has a intimate relationship with Marcel. They, including Orkid, has been child hood friends since the age of 5 years old.

Other media / Millsbury Universe Cameo

Gerald Seven is a Flag ship Millsbury Media character and every comic is connected to Maurice Miller's Millsbury Media Comic Universe.

As of March 2019, there is development of a 3 part first issue called 'Millsbury Media Comicverse' featuring Gerald Seven as lead for the June Seven series along side Nero Lyco as lead for the Pride Helix series and A new character representing the one shotted comics. This includes text documented stories of Gerald and Marcel's personal relationship with each other.

New media is being conducted. The original June Seven story still continues.

More information will be updated soon. Please read June Seven for more!