CHARACTER BIO: Gyles Long-Horn

Gyles as seen in his MMA Outfit

Nero Lyco

First Appearance: Maurice Miller's Pride Helix Issue 1

Created by: Maurice Miller (Millsbury Media)

Produced by: Maurice Miller, Millsbury Media and various distributors


  • Aliases: Afro

  • Species: Enhanced Human (Buffalo Indian Family & American-Nigerian Tusks Family decent)

  • Relatives: Mother & Father (Alive) 3 younger siblings (Alive)

  • Affiliations: MMA Soldier/MMA Forces,

UWC-MMA Forces/UWC Military Forces

  • Birth date: The month of April or Infinity 6.9 (Current age in comic is 18. 16 in early days)

  • Millsbury Media Universe Period and Location: Future day Era with in the true timeline (Between year 6990 - 7016) Infinity 7 in infinite year count

  • Abilities: Skilled in various forms of combat as a MMA fighter. As an enhanced organic being (like most of the universe during Gyles's time period) biologically capable of harnessing/releasing concentrated adrenaline, gene altering, momentum, inertia, cosmic or celestial energy at a certain point of intensity in battle, emotional stress, or will-power. The ability is called Burst Limit. (Gyles's Burst Limits is a combination of gene altering and adrenaline. currently Gyles is said to have the potential to reach 2 burst limits, but currently can only reach one.)

More information will be updated soon. Please read Pride Helix for more!