Disney’s Soul - Animated Review?

So I’m sure that you guys seen this movie or at least know that this movie came out in theaters on Christmas day. A movie called soul. This movie is by Disney so I’m not trying to spoil anything but here is a short synopsis…

“Joe Gardner, a middle school music teacher, has long dreamed of performing jazz music onstage, and finally gets a chance after impressing other jazz musicians during an opening act at the Half Note Club. However, an untimely accident causes Gardner's soul to be separated from his body and begin to proceed to the Great Beyond, and Gardner manages to escape to the Great Before, a world where souls develop personalities, quirks, and traits before being sent off to Earth. There, Gardner must work with souls in training at the Great Before, such as 22, a soul with a dim view on the concept of life, in order to return to Earth before his body dies.”

Great synopsis right? Well I pulled out from wiki obviously… But in all this movie is about a guy who tends to go about his dreams in a certain way I guess… Mainly trying to fulfill his purpose as being a jazz player which is fine… But before this movie came out and seen the trailers in the cans of art and everything… This movie kind of had some mixed reviews.

Exaggerated facial expressions. Exaggerated facial features. Mainly the exaggeration on certain things for the African-American standpoint on stuff. And a whole throat that when it comes to ethnic animated series that people of color in a animated series are never the same species or thing throughout the whole movie as the main character has shifted between being a black man to a soul to a cat to a soul and to a black man again…

While the story is very good like any other Disney Movie. I can understand why people will have these mixed views and differences when it comes to movies I’ll create it like this.

... but… The movie is good and you should definitely give it a go though I do suggest that you will want to see this in theaters because it is hard to concentrate on it watching it through your home television if it’s not... Ya know... with your regular theatrical sound systems and such… You know how a Disney movie should be seen… I hope that doesn’t suck come off as bougie in any kind away LOL…

go check it out is streaming in theaters right now and also Disney+



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