EXCLUSIVE NOTES: Millsbury Media Comic Verse Series Pt.1

Not sure if you guys know this or not.

I'm locking up the previous comics done by myself... aka. Millsbury Media and creating one full series for every story thus far...

Sort of an anthology series of my comics... including notes and sketches from the series included...

this includes June Seven (Comics and Stories), Pride Helix (Comic and Stories), Black Kangaroo, PiRated and all of the one-shot series created thus far and onward... this includes any new stories I solely create...

every story will be included in the Millsbury Comicverse... you know.. Like the universes that Batman and Spider-man and even the rugrats reside in... My characters resides in their own universe as well...

I really hope you guys will join me on this adventure of world building and let me know what stories intrigue you the most.

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