Insight & Slight Update: Pride Helix Continues Webcomic Series & Between the Panel Series

So Sidebar for a second...

Pride Helix's Virtual Novel series "Between the Panel" was supposed to debut on October 25th

This didn't happen due to unexpected casualties happening with my colleague who created the webseries "Arkane Knight: Arkane Rebellion" which premiered the day before.

Because of this sad, abrupt, and unfortunate casualty happening I had to shift gears to dedicate time to create a special page release for the series in the honor of what happened. My condolences and prayers goes out to him and his family.

Though Pride Helix the Webcomic series is still slated to release new pages in November

I won't release a date until either Thursday of Friday of this week (October 29th or 30th), but the release event will ensue with in the next two weeks after Sunday November 1st 2020

Hopefully this will include some new interest in the series after so long.

...I will also do my best to not create such a long hiatus again.

Pride Helix out of all of my comics seems to be a fan favorite and I intend on continuing to world build.

June Seven is next on the planning board. Please stay tuned!!!