Lavir Lyco as seen in his MMA outfit


First Appearance: Maurice Miller's Pride Helix (web series)

Created by: Maurice Miller (Millsbury Media)

Produced by: Maurice Miller, Millsbury Media and various distributors


  • Aliases: N/A

  • Species: Enhanced Human (Lycan Family decent)

  • Relatives: Nero Lyco (Blood Brother, Alive), MMA Forces ( Adoptive family)

  • Affiliations: MMA Soldier/MMA Forces,

UWC-MMA Forces/UWC Military Forces

  • Birth date: The month of August or Infinity 6.9 (Current age in comic is 22. 21 in early days)

  • Millsbury Media Universe Period and Location: Future day Era with in the true timeline (Between year 6990 - 7016) Infinity 7 in infinite year count

  • Abilities: An innate skill for close combat fighting. Also skilled in various forms of combat as an MMA fighter. As an enhanced organic being (like most of the universe during Lavir's time period) biologically capable of harnessing/releasing concentrated adrenaline, gene altering, momentum, inertia, cosmic or celestial energy at a certain point of intensity in battle, emotional stress, or will-power. The ability is called Burst Limit. (Lavir's Burst Limits is a combination of gene altering, adrenaline, and celestial energy. currently unknown to how many limit points Lavir has)

More information will be updated soon. Please read Pride Helix for more!