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Marcel as seen in a Sketch with Gerald


  • First Appearance: Millsbury Media's Millsbury ComicVerse (2019)

  • Cameo Appearances: Pride Helix

  • Created by: Maurice Miller (Millsbury Media)

  • Produced by: Maurice Miller, Millsbury Media and various distributors


  • Aliases: "Magenta Spectrum Soul", Marcel Cherry Blossom-Seven

  • Species: 1/2 unknown (possible celestial decent) , 1/2 Obiliton Human

  • Relatives: unknown

  • Affiliations: June Seven (Team member and Ex-Girlfriend to Gerald Seven), Renegade Space (Former citizen), Earth Citizen (Current Residence, American)

  • Birth date: May 28th 2003 (Current age in comics 22)

  • Millsbury Media Universe Period and Location: Present day Era (Between year 2000 - 2030) Infinity 2 in infinite year count & Infinity 7 (True Future Day Era, connects the events in Pride Helix and June Seven to be with in the same universe but during different time periods)

  • Abilities: Skilled and Knowledgeable with herbs and natural healing elements, Zy-ghost Technique - an Obiliton ancient technique that grants the user the ability to create Hard-Natural energy constructs that only imitates animal, beasts or allies attributes for combat such as a wolf's claw or eagle's wings. Also grants the ability to assist or fight against spiritual/mental struggles. The technique does comes with rules and complications like loosing the trust of a friend or creature that you used to base constructs on. Soul Emulation - To harness one's self spiritual energy in combat


Marcel is first introduced separately from June Seven, but is acknowledged for being an alumni member of the team (the original 7 members).

Marcel also is in an on-and-off relationship with Gerald Seven. Though a mysterious man prophesy encloses that they are intertwined ... it doesn't necessarily mean that they will marry, but something of that form.

Marcel is a very earthy, tough, and tribal minded girl as well as loving the simple jazzy/neo-soul life of the cities on Earth.

More information will be updated soon. Please read June Seven for more!