Millsbury ComicVerse Volumes 1 & 2

Good news

ComicVerse Volumes 1 and 2 are available for pre-order

You can also buy them at commercial stores online as well

I'm excited for this. This will be a new era for Millsbury Media and will be the last rendition of the prior comics and stories I've done back in 2018 and later going forward.

Volume 3 will conclude the previous stories with all of the One-shots. Which will mean it will be the largest installment to the series.

Thanks you guys for following me through this. I will be working on Volume 4 and onward as well as updating Pride Helix and June Seven with the new pages from the books as well.

Each book has exclusive sketch pages of work that I never released online.

Please look into it and continue with me on this journey.

check it out in the shop section site here