Millsbury New for October 19th - 25th

Big tingz happening!

Did you know that Pride Helix returns in November with new comic pages?

on , Webtoons and Comicfury...

In addition to the new pages... Millsbury Media will release a Web-novel series for Pride Helix called "Between the Panels"...

which will fill in the blanks that the introduction of Pride Helix has failed to explain... Nero's grade school years and grandfather, His brother, and so much more...

Will you be in on the ride for this? I personally love bringing art and content to you guys and hope you enjoy it! You can read Pride Helix on and Tapas... you can read the Novel series of Tapas on October 25th!

Check out and follow more stuff and art on Millsbury Media's Pride Helix on

More information later... See you soon!

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