Nostalgia... well recent nostalgia can uplift sometimes

Do you guys remember a show in the early 2000s of Nickelodeon called " How To Rock "

have you read the lyrics to the opening song?

check it out here:

[Verse 1]

Hey you what's the matter?

Lately you've been looking down

Is that someone in the mirror?

The reason you don't come around

(that-that's crazy) this isn't the you i know

(Feeling unpretty) putting on a show

(You don't wanna be a wannabe) so who you really gonna be?


Only you can be you, and only i can be me

You always wanna be what you're not can't you be happy with what you've got?

You're perfect the way you are with your insecurities, flaws and scars

Life's too short to worry, don't you know it's true?

Only you can be you

(You can be you)

Only i can be me

(I can be me)

Only you can be you

(you can be you)

Only i can be me

(I can be me)

[Verse 2]

You think you ain't got swagger, gotta be cooler than you are

I think... whatever, let em know that you're a star

(be crazy) be who you wanna be

(No maybes) you're a celebrity

(You don't wanna be a wannabe)

Show them who you're gonna be

If that doesn't motivates you to keep pushing forward then I dunno what will...

Smile til the days are long

#Motivation #Selflove



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