Stellar and Orkid outside of a Renegade Space village



  • Aliases: "Blue Spectrum Soul"

  • Species: Earth Human

  • Relatives: Father and Mother (Alive)

  • Affiliations: June Seven (Seventh member), Renegade Space (honorary citizen), Earth (American citizen from Columbia South Carolina)

  • Birth date: October 17th 2010 (Current age in comics 14)

  • Millsbury Media Universe Period and Location: Present day Era (Between year 2000 - 2030) Infinity 2 in infinite year count

  • Abilities: Skilled at Modern Technology from the Outer Universe (Uncommon to anyone on earth). Soul Emulation - To harness one's self spiritual energy in combat

  • Equipment: "Virtualizer Construct model" Hand-held Tablet - A device that can synchronize with Nano-tech Cards that can produce and create specific hard light constructs such as Shields and Boxes.

More information will be updated soon. Please read June Seven for more!
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