So I'm not sure if I announced this before, but the previous comic distribution will be placed in a new category of the Vault.

They will act as old work and the comics I create will be apart of my comic series called "Millsbury ComicVerse"

Volumes 1 - 3 will release soon.

Maurice Miller's Millsbury Media ComicVerse: June Seven Issue 1 (Volume 1)

Maurice Miller's Millsbury Media ComicVerse: Pride Helix Issue 1 (Volume 2)

Maurice Miller's Millsbury Media ComicVerse: One-Shot Comics (Volume 3)

I know. you guys are probably sick of me re-editing and re-releasing These guys, but this will be the end all be all. EVERY COMIC I create and publish will be segment of the 'MILLSBURY MEDIA COMICVERSE' ongoing comic series...

Don't worry. if you read my commentary in each volume... then each comic will form one universe for you.

Don't worry. The comics *stand-a-lone* will be available separately in digital form on millsbury media as well!

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