Uranus Arkane

Uranus Arkane

• First Appearance: Arkane Knight: Arkane Rebellion

• Created by: Mckinney Davinci

• Produced by: United Comics Universe and Millsbury Media


• Aliases: Uranus

• Species: Arkane

• Relatives: King Vega Arkane (Father, Alive). Queen Labrus Arkane (Mother, Alive). Malachite Arkane (Brother, Alive). Galarra Arkane (Sister, Alive). Galore Arkane (Brother, Alive) Deacon Arkane (Uncle, Alive) Zu Arkane (Uncle,Alive)

• Affiliations: The Rebellion. The Arkane Species.

• Birthdate:

• United Comics Universe Period and Location: Sigma kane 0

• Abilities: Space rocks. Speed, strength, psychic, Gadgets, Knight sword, Skilled hand to hand


Uranus Arkane, the last royal son to King Vega and Queen Labrus. Uranus thinks of himself as the black sheep in his family. Arkane normally have the urge to rule by Arkane nature and Uranus had the urge too until his first war. At a young age Uranus not only witnessed but caused many deaths in the war of Omega Kane 3. At such a young age he didn’t understand many things.

This gave Uranus a introverted personality. Under the close watch of his father Uranus trained hard in hand to hand combat as well weaponry. He was a talented Arkane who could even surpass his siblings Galore And Galarra. He has a very determined attitude and strives to become the best in what he does.

When Uranus isn’t training hard he’s casually inside his head. The thought of his planet having a living species on it kind of shook him up. He did not want any undeserving deaths on his hands. He didn’t mind the idea of becoming the ruler of the planet, however he didn’t want to start a war.

Uranus is a very Logical thinker. He often spends time visiting alien planets surrounded by a lot of nature. He meditates and writes in his journal of a great society he would run. Aplace for peaceful Arkane to come together. Nut not only Arkane, Uranus had the dream of creating a society where many species could live. Aplace where everyone was treated like the royals. A place not full of hard work and conquering but a place of excitement and experiences.

More information will be updated soon. Please read for more!



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