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What is Millsbury Media... WHAT IS MILLSBURY MEDIA? WHAT!? You haven't heard?

Just kidding!


Millsbury Media is a lot of things, but mainly it's one person.


That might sound very confusing to you.


Millsbury Media is the brand and visual arts pseudonym/alias for the artist named known as

 Maurice "Hero" Miller.


Every artwork and material seen on this website is either drawn up, created, directed or collaborated with or by Maurice Miller. Maurice is a visual artist who specialize in various types of mediums including visual arts, design and web based categories visually... This also includes comics, conceptual artwork, and graphic design (ie: web design, Logo design, Layout design and more). Millsbury Media is also known for the Web-comics and illustrations produced physically in your local stores, here on this website or on Web-toons, Comic Fury and Tapas as well as collaborating with other businesses & organizations such as Boldly Digital/Zenon Digital, UH-Comics, various small businesses in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA, Lomar Specialty Advertising, RAW Artist Charlotte and CLT Action Arts Creatives. Want to know more e-mail  or enter and join the website

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Maurice Miller's Millsbury Media © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Artwork shown on this website is property of Maurice Miller's Millsbury Media

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