Ballad 103

Ghost... You only come around when you want to It's cool when you are around, but after you leave there is not a trace to be found excuses and reasons on why you were gone... just cuz you did not want to leave me alone ... Make up your mind... leave or stay... it's not fair to leave someone on standby thinking that you are there, but you are not anyway... stay far away from me... that's all I gotta say no one likes to be haunted by poltergeist anyway

Ballad 102

Have you ever... Had someone you cared deeply for Had somebody you were always with Had someone always shared emotional moments with ... You weren't together Spanning from 1 month into years... Turning into a cycle... Choosing others before you... People they've just met ...While you can never tell someone how their chemistry is matched up.. but proves you wrong once the situation ends with them being alone, in your arms and wondering what you two would be like together ... So why turn down the opportunity and create more hypothetical Walls to be thrown up ... Have you ever been in this type of mess and know it's not for you and find yourself looking into their soul again ... Is it just me?

Ballad 101

Have you ever gone through life and thought ... was it worth it? You work so hard you work so hard you work so hard making sure that you reach the top but somehow something always keeps you a few pegs down you work so hard you worked so hard you worked so hard Only to keep pushing for no one to give you the opportunity to greet the heavens with your efforts only to keep pushing for no one to give you the opportunity to greet the heavens with your efforts instead you sacrifice more and more and more and more and more just to find yourself spending your life doing what everybody wants you to do in order to live and survive instead of prospering for what you want to do Have you ever gone throug

Blog Series called “Ballad”

OK I feel like I’m never that consistent with being completely active on my feet so I decided To start a random series called Ballad .... It’s not really a ballet but technically it is.... Just take this as a small stories that I decide to post based on my rants and things I’m dealing with with life and hopefully you guys will find it amusing thank you

Ready for thw holidays

Are you guys ready for the new season coming up? not completely sure if I am. hopefully I will have wverything set for you guys completely done but keep looking at my inktober submissions. I’m actually making some progress this year

life hit's and It sucks

Hey Everyone! Your favorite artist is here.. If you are keeping up with me then you know that I've been in a lot of hardship and trying to push through a few things enable to fix the situations Now when I say that I am exhausted... I ... AM ... EXHAUSTED ... 15 hours of work 4 days straight is pushing the folk >_< ironically I'm still in a red zone in my personal life. So once I get the time to competently sit down and get myself together a new commissions sale will be running ... I'll call it a holiday thing. along with other things... let's hope it'll bit

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