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Mister Millsbury Media himself 


$70 for 1 logo or Graphic Design work *No Changes*

$85 for 1 logo of Graphic Design work *2 Changes, additional +$25 after second change*

This is a flat rate price for One Logo or graphics Design. For Logos this includes 4 variations of the main design given to the customer and all the RAW files used, though this does not come with change request. For other types of designs (example: Magazine, Business Card, etc) 4 designs is also distributed in the same format as Logos. If you buy a Flat rate Design then you are buying a design based on the artist's visualization of the details or brief given by the customer. Changes requested will count as another Design request. Based on inquiry things can be minimally negotiated. 


Starting at $220+ deposit for Logo/Design Project (Contract orders)

This is a Contract to Hire request. Normally this is based on negotiation and I will not do any contract write ups from customers, especially anything under the price explained above. The artist will need a brief of the project given, contract created by the artist  signed and deposit paid to the artist before the project is started. When the project is started the work is measured by hours.. Often based on the project itself.. typically $28 to $35 per hour (work doesn't normally take more than 3 to 5 hours depending on how extensive the job is). A art proof is given to the customer. Once the proof is approved the customer must pay the work's hourly wages in order to receive the RAW files for the work created. If not paid I will not distribute artwork for the job. Trying to replicate the logo via through unapproved proofs with other artist can cause legal accusations. (I'm normally a very negotiable individual. I would hate to go that route with anyone.)

Visit Zenon for price breaks and more as far as working with Maurice Miller in business mediums at cheaper rates.

$75  for ink (Black and white) artwork

This is a flat rate price for an art request in black and white. No changes or redraws. If you buy a Flat rate ink artwork then you are buying a design based on the artist's visualization of the details given by the customer. Changes would count as another request.

$110  for color artwork
This is a flat rate price for an art request in full color. No changes or redraws. If you buy a Flat rate ink artwork then you are buying a design based on the artist's visualization of the details given by the customer.Changes would count as another request.

$220 for physical painted mixed media artwork

This is a flat rate price for an Original Millsbury Media Piece. ABSOLUTELY No changes or redos. 

Approximately $40-$115 are all digital work. if I need to make them physically printed in any physical medium then that is additional charges for expenses of that kind.

Contact me for your commissions:

Please! I must stress that if I negotiate prices with you. Do not try to take advantage of the situation. As an american artist, it is very hard in our industry and our work (as in the labor of do the art that you aren't able to do or seek my assistance in) should be paid for every part that we put our artistry in. We understand that you don't want to get cheated out of your idea or whatever proposal you wanted to get done, but trust me when I say that your work is YOURS. I don't want any ownership of it. I mean it! ​

I create invoices for every job done and it will state that copyrights and ownership belongs to the buyer. I will not do half and half contracts for anything lower than $160+ for a term period. Thanks!

Projects doesn't start until PAID FIRST!

Either by Cash, Credit/debit transactions (in person or over the phone),

Cashapp ( $herojaxx ) or Paypal ( ). An invoice will be created and ownership of any work done will belong to the buyer after paid. 

Normally turn around time is 48 to 240 BUSINESS Hours with most projects excluding jobs costing over $120. With most painting and digital painting projects the time can extend to  144 hours (5 to 7 days) to complete. These hours are normally with in business days.

Any changes occurs I will communicate it directly with the client. Time varies on Weekends and holidays though I will usually convey that information if it occurs

***When you agree to purchase a flat rate request no changes... THAT MEANS NO CHANGES! If you wish to have a job done where multiple changes no matter how big or how minor then that would normally consider commissioning me for contract. that does not include Flat rate purchases! 

Any purchases on Millsbury Media or Maurice Miller directly will be recorded upon receipt.

Every receipt distributed will be record as BINDING CONTRACT and should be considered so based on all requirements and specifications listed on this website.

No Refunds to any of the services given.

Refunds is based on the Artist preference. 

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