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This is a flat rate price for One Graphic Design. Whether if it is for a Mock-up, Flyer, Business card, or A single Web graphic like a Banner. This includes 4 types of the main design given to the customer and all the RAW files used, though this does not come with change request. These types will be for Print, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you buy a Flat rate Design then you are buying a design based on the artist's visualization of the details or brief given by the customer. Changes requested will be treated as another Design request and would need to be purchased to do so. So have all of your information correct! We will not change due to your own errors.. this includes spelling. Based on inquiry things can be minimally negotiated. 


24 to 120 business days is the approximate time of completion give or take. 

Graphics Request: 1 Graphic work & 4 Types Plus 2 Revisions

  • Please give a detailed brief/description of what you want. The artist is only going to emulate what you've described to the best of their ability. The end product is WHAT YOU WILL GET. No Refunds. No take backs. No mandatory and free changes! 

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