Working and it's none stop

Hey All.. Not sure if anyone cares lol... I'm sure you do since you've come to millsbury media... which is my website lol okay I'm going to stop being conceited... I been busy so you haven't seen me very active on Facebook, tumblr, or instagram, but I promise I will get back on track after the holiday season... I know it sounds like I be promising to be back on my grind, but life seems to spiral sometimes... When I thought I was at 100 I end up going back down to 20%... I'm being vague, but hear me out... I've been working and just haven't had much time to do much and been trying my best to get things straight and get things and people satisfied and together... it's honestly has been a lot a

Ballad 105

Adjusting... Are we ever really adjusted... to life... throwing curveballs... friends looking at you like youz too busy family look at you like youz a workaholic... people get angry at you trying to disperse your limited freetime while you do have goals that you want to get done... but life has it's own plans... . . . People say you make time for what you deserve... but that statement isn't really fair when you have to make time for what you need to take care of... a responsible adult serves for a better life.... plus I hate that bogus a$$ saying... KILL IT!!!

Ballad 104

Working... Life... Adulting... I'll be honest... stuff is hard... Four hours in then a break Four hours in then travel at the next destination two hours in then a break an hour in then lunch two hours in then a break an hour in then you get off Only an hour to yourself ...before knocking out to do it all over again Working... Life... Adulting... It's Hard!!! T_T and if you count the hours it adds up to 18 hours

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