Pride Helix making a Stand

So I am thinking about publishing a edited version of Pride Helix of Tapas. If you don't know that the comics posted are fully sketched out with no real digital edits... they are all raw and untouched from my undergrad years in college. I want to add some more to it. Making that comic be my main focus as far as web comics until June seven is done publishing all of issue 1 and 2 on Comicfury Pride Helix will still publish comics on Comicfury as well as Tapas, but it will be available on two platforms. I draw a lot of promotions with Nero Pride Helix's main character) in it... I hope me doing this will get you guys to like the series and want to follow it!!! Keep posted -Maurice Miller

Comic Digital Downloads are here

Yea you read it I've been posting new digital download content for the comics I have up in readable pdf forms for purchase. I will be making them for purchase based on their compilation. I know in the analogy web comics that some of the pages are extremely scattered so this will place them in the right order and if you purchase digital content. I'll be able to put your name on the list for bonus content. ' This includes the newer things I am developing as the year progress. The more the download purchases. The bigger the content. (example: If you download purchase one thing you will get a minimal of one new content never seen online by millsbury media. Download more than one download purchas

A Millsbury Universe?

Wondering if anyone will be interested in this kind of content... Linking together the worlds of my comics and showing you guys how these worlds intertwine Every mini comic universe with in the Millsbury Cartoons/ Millsbury Express universe to Pride Helix and June Seven... You are probably reading this and is like... this is dumb... I don't wanna read this sheet... give it a try! Stay posted on the content. Hopefully I might surprise you guys!

Special News:: MLK jr Special

So I know Martin Luther King jr Day is monday... I'm a little excited about the progress in these web comics so I think I might release some extra pages early... Apart from their regular release dates. Friday and saturday for the next three weeks including the respective release dates of the comes will update early. If the feedback is good I'll do it again for Valentine's Day.. The faster these pages come up the more new content you will get quicker then waiting once a week! Come on!!! Pride Helix and June Seven Comic nation you guys!!!

Pride Helix Updates!!!

Pride Helix updated with a new page. You meet the main character and he is already started off with a bang. Nero Lyco comes to his friend's aid when he is bullies by fellow classmates. Go to the comic section of Millsburymedia and see for youself! This kid has potential... Let's see what he is about.


Entries Will be AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD The one shot entries in the Millsbury Media Anthology web-comic will be made available for digital download one by one starting in this month and February Starting with Digital downloads for June Seven (in full issue 1 and by Chapters) as well as Pride Helix (by chapter) following the small collection on Millsbury Media Cartoons/Express. Follow Millsbury Media on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to stay posted and join my forum.

Comic Updates!!! New Stuff Coming

Millsbury Media just posted up the new Comic Portal Layout for the webcomics broadcasting on Millsbury Media. As well as adding new things to the shop including Physical and digital copies of Millsbury Media's Comic Books. Buy new edited featured comics with exclusive artwork by digital download or read the regular stories on the Comic portal. Including the access to Millsbury Webcomic pages for June Seven, Pride Helix and Millsbury Cartoons. New comic updates will be posted. Look out for them! As things are being set up in the Comics department. A Graphics Portal is in development for the Graphic design side of Millsbury Media as well! Including new merchandising in the Shop section of the


iT HAS BEEN A LONG JOURNEY AND YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AWHILE. I finally got the new Comics portal up for Millsbury Media. Including June Seven, Pride Helix, PiRated, Millsbury Cartoons, and Black Kangaroo as Accessable free comic reads online through this section With June Seven and Pride Helix becoming on going comic pages (Unfortunately I'm reposted the previous arcs on both webcomics but it will begin the new chapters right afterwards) I really hope you guys will read and enjoy the new additions to the website. Follow and subscribe.. and Don't be a stranger!

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