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M  I  L  L  S  B  U  R  Y       M  E  D  I  A  '  S



Follow Nero and friends as he embarks on a journey to figure out his flourishing calling to become a MMA fighter and Combat Soldier for the United Worlds Conjoint. See the action unfolds. 

the Galactic and intense adventures of Nero Lyco as he becomes a MMA fighter in a reality very different from our own. As he gets stronger in his career, fins out about his past and heritage as well as help save the multiverse against huge crisis that arise. All residing in the Millsbury ComicVerse

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  • Plot

Pride Helix follows Nero lyco on his unconventional journey of becoming a Military MMA fighter. After being suspended from Grade school, Nero ended up taking part in becoming becoming and MMA fighter unintentionally after Gyles (a school colleague) seen him defend his best friend Wobbles.


The world of Pride Helix is also slated in a far off future where the planets are united by "tractor beams" within each galaxy residing in their universe. The politics of the United worlds becomes complicated when a dictator emerges called Xihf. Xihf decides to use forbidden science to resurrect an ancient MMA rogue warrior that threatened reality in the past, Abriem the Immortal. The political struggles caused a need for the United World's military forces which is the MMA fighting hubs that Nero just enrolled in.


During Nero's journey he will learn how to become a great MMA fighter and help defend the peace in the United Worlds.

  • Characters


Nero Lyco


Gyles Long-Horn



Lavir Lyco

Abriem the Immortal






Special Guest:

Gerald Seven (protagonist and guest appearance from June Seven)

Lioness Mose (antagonist and guest appearance from June Seven)

Damien Cross (protagonist and guest appearance from Perplexia)

Alexander Grain (guest from Perplexia)

Atari Matthews (guest from Perplexia)




  • Setting:

Pride Helix takes place thousands of years into the future (where present-day years 1970's to the years of the 2020's can be recalled, but the universe is drastically different). Star maps of the galaxy can be navigated from a gps system, Planets are treated like countries were in the past, and species & race genetics is a full-on ocean of a melting pot. Earth itself is a united world colonized with 8 other planets using "atmosphere-ic tractor beams" forming the United Worlds Conjoined.


Due to the advancements of biological genetics, firearms and nuclear weapons have become a thing of the past for animals or even the smallest insects has evolved so much that as a defense mechanism whether taught or learned can make something like a knife or bullet or even explosive not harm a person at all (not saying it isn't possible). Life has learned how to harness the energy within their bodies for combat instead of using weapons. While weapons can be used, it just became obsolete against energy as potent as Soul, dark matter, or celestial energy. No one has been able to harness these pure energies into a man-made weapon without a living body. The military and armed forces rely on mixed martial arts when enforcing or during the war.


  • Arcs:

The Prologue

The way the story is told differs between the Millsbury ComicVerse volume 2 copy, Webtoons, ComicFury, and Tapas stories.

In all this story hashes when Nero meets Dominic and his MMA Fighting hub and becomes a UWC MMA Fighter while a political and galactic issue also events when a tyrannical dictator MMA fighter, Xihf, decides to use forbidden ancient science to resurrect an MMA fighter and scientist named Abriem the Immortal as well as gaining followers and defeating the best fighters on each planet within the UWC. This is either portrayed in chronological order or through flashbacks as Nero, Wobbles, Gyles and Lavir heads to meet Dominic, Merci, and Bigsho for a friendly picnic after Nero and Lavir has a dream of meeting Abriem within a strange cosmic dimension along with other people who were unseen or recognizable by the brothers.


The Science of Abriem

Xihf is developing a cult following while he visits societies within the UWC. The Forbidden science corps fully resurrects Abriem to find out that Xihf and Abriem do not see eye to eye. Xihf's reason for resurrecting him is to harness the celestial energy that he is linked to though with Abriem being a scientist in his past life... he tells Xihf that he has made a huge mistake for reasons that is explained within the chapter. Nero and crew help out people during a Chinese-themed festival in Tokyo on Planet Earth of the UWC. They find conflict with individuals who are for the movement that Xihf has created.


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