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 Hey! How are you! My name is Maurice "Hero" Miller and you've landed on Millsbury Media. This is the place where any and pretty much everything I do creatively is documented and collected as a whole! Call this the brand name of everything artistically Maurice.

So if you are into art, Illustration, Conceptual Art, Graphic Arts, Animation, Sequential Arts (Comics & Story Boarding), Fine Arts, and more then you have come to the right place. Take a look around! As an artist, I encourage your curiosity in venturing into my world of creativity!

  • Fine Arts, Illustration, Cartoon, and Realism

  • Character Design, Conceptual Art, and more

  • Comic, Web Comics, Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Creative Writing

  • 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, and more

  • Logo Design, Flyer, Web and Advertising Graphics

  • Layout and Product Design

  • Typography & Lettering

  • Web Design & UX Design

  • Vector Artwork & more

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