First of the month... First Monday!!!

Hey Millsbury Followers,

Maurice here! Glad everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl Sunday! I guess mainly the Eagles fans lol!

Just an update with what I am doing. After checking out my statistics I see that my web comic Pride Helix has became a fan favorite! So I've been trying to push out more content for the series to keep you guys engaged, but sometimes my personal life doesn't want to give me a break...

Finding myself trying to do a lot with so little and even less time to spare.

I will be working on a few things to speed up the process. Please hang in there with me for this one you guys!

I really think you guys will like the rest of the story on this series!

I'll also post more on the forums as well regarding this

... On other news I am updating the Storefront/Shop and the other art portions of the website.

Hopefully everything can come together before the month is over.

Thank you guys for following and reading! I am greatful!!!