Uranus Arkane

Uranus Arkane • First Appearance: Arkane Knight: Arkane Rebellion • Created by: Mckinney Davinci • Produced by: United Comics Universe and Millsbury Media Profile • Aliases: Uranus • Species: Arkane • Relatives: King Vega Arkane (Father, Alive). Queen Labrus Arkane (Mother, Alive). Malachite Arkane (Brother, Alive). Galarra Arkane (Sister, Alive). Galore Arkane (Brother, Alive) Deacon Arkane (Uncle, Alive) Zu Arkane (Uncle,Alive) • Affiliations: The Rebellion. The Arkane Species. • Birthdate: • United Comics Universe Period and Location: Sigma kane 0 • Abilities: Space rocks. Speed, strength, psychic, Gadgets, Knight sword, Skilled hand to hand Personality Uranus Arkane, the last royal so


Genre: Science fiction, Action Created by: Henry Duke Thomas (U H Comics) Writers: Henry Duke Thomas a.k.a. Mckinney Davinci (U H Comics) Publications: Webtoons| Canvas ( October 2020 ), Tapas ( October 2020), Produced & Published by: Maurice Miller, Millsbury Media and Millsbury Media Platforms ( Oct 23rd, 2020 ) Medium: Web-comic UH COMIC's Arkane Knight is a web-comic series that broadcast on the platforms of Webtoons and Tapas. Plot TO BE ANNOUNCED Production Concept TO BE ANNOUNCED Characters Main: to be announced Reoccurring: to be announced Special Guest: to be announced Other: tba Setting: TO BE ANNOUNCED Conclusion: TO BE ANNOUNCED Media Platforms: Webtoons Tapas Progression: TO

Millsbury New for October 19th - 25th

Big tingz happening! Did you know that Pride Helix returns in November with new comic pages? on Tapas.io , Webtoons and Comicfury... In addition to the new pages... Millsbury Media will release a Web-novel series for Pride Helix called "Between the Panels"... which will fill in the blanks that the introduction of Pride Helix has failed to explain... Nero's grade school years and grandfather, His brother, and so much more... Will you be in on the ride for this? I personally love bringing art and content to you guys and hope you enjoy it! You can read Pride Helix on Webtoons.com and Tapas... you can read the Novel series of Tapas on October 25th! Check out and follow more stuff and art on Mil

Arkane Knight, New webseries coming Friday

Have you been following me on IG? Millsbury Media has some new stuff to push out... Millsbury Media has some new Babies coming forward in collaborations with other people. Maybe that was a bad metaphor, but new things are coming and it starts this week. Millsbury Media's Maurice Miller a.k.a. Me has been working with UH Comic's writer @project_nympho on IG ( @MKDV0001 on Twitter and @UHcomic on both platforms) to bring one of his stories to Webtoons and Tapas.io ... This series is called "Arkane Knight: Arkane Rebellion" ... Little will be discussed by me on the series so be sure to follow @project_nympho for more information on these characters are the story. You can access the comic on it'


Marcel Cherry BLOSSOM First Appearance: June Seven: Requiem (2019) Cameo Appearances: Pride Helix Created by: Maurice Miller (Millsbury Media) Produced by: Maurice Miller, Millsbury Media, and various distributors Profile Aliases: "Magenta Spectrum Soul", Marcel Cherry Blossom-Seven Species: 1/2 unknown (possible celestial decent), 1/2 Obiliton Human Relatives: unknown Affiliations: June Seven ( Team member and Ex-Girlfriend to Gerald Seven ), Renegade Space ( Former citizen), Earth Citizen ( Current Residence) Birthdate: May 28th, 2003 (Current age in comics 22) Millsbury Media Universe Period and Location: Present-day Era (Between the year 2000 - 2030) Infinity 2 in infinite year count & I


Nero Lyco First Appearance: Maurice Miller's Pride Helix (web series) Created by: Maurice Miller (Millsbury Media) Produced by: Maurice Miller, Millsbury Media and various distributors Profile Aliases: N/A Species: Enhanced Human (Lycan Family decent) Relatives: Nero Lyco (Blood Brother, Alive), MMA Forces ( Adoptive family) Affiliations: MMA Soldier/MMA Forces, UWC-MMA Forces/UWC Military Forces Birth date: The month of August or Infinity 6.9 (Current age in comic is 22. 21 in early days) Millsbury Media Universe Period and Location: Future day Era with in the true timeline (Between year 6990 - 7016) Infinity 7 in infinite year count Abilities: An innate skill for close combat fighting. Als


ART EXHIBITION BY MILLSBURY That's right! You read that correctly. Millsbury media's Website and Blog feed will be hosting it's very first virtual Art show, Art gallery, Art Exhibition for indie visual artists and Millsbury Media exclusives. As an artist working in this "cut throat" world we live in we can find it hard to juggle personal life priorities with creative career goals as well as setting out time to actually map that stuff out. The world is unfair and especially to anyone in the art or marketing industry... Myself, working as a graphic designer has been hard especially in 2020 where your field of work is deemed as non-essential and most companies do not open these positions often.

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