iSSA Update

Yea you read it right. It's a Update...

Next week is the Pancake and Booze Art showcase that Millsbury Media will be a part of. Please come out and see what pieces I've put up.

This week some new content with Pride Helix will be released later today on Tapas and the next 3 weeks on Wednesday for Comicfury. If you aren't subscribed. Go and do it now!

Preparing some new mediums as well as perfecting the "Millsbury Media on Youtube" channel.

Youtube has made it hard and difficult to produce videos without some kind of copyright issue or just trying to push videos. To get youtube features you need to make a certain amount marked and it seems like I need to find the way where I can pay for the extras on Youtube. Hopefully I get to show you guys some amazing content in video form a part from the artistic form.

Back to older news... I hope the new change to Pride Helix isn't too astonishing and you guys will like what you see. :) ... Thanks for Supporting me and everyone who has helped me as well!

Talk to you all in a bit!!!