A Serious Announcement

Hey everyone. I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything here on an actual update.

I hope you guys have been in good spirit. I have to explain a lot.

Okay... for starters I have to put in a public announcement for my clients as far as the period between Sept 1st - Nov 9th. I've been in a bit of a financial rut and under an unexpected moving situation that left me incapacitated and crippled during this period. I'm about to throw out a lot of personal pains and info as well. I've been working 10 to 15 hours a day with every job I am employed in that is not associated with Millsbury Media... This forced me to having to postpone any projects and offers given or asked by people during that time mainly because while what I do for my business doesn't gross half of what my contracting and employed jobs offers me. In order to make these ends meet... I've had clients and friends who I either trusted, obligated to confide in or befriended on this manner who turned their backs on me because I either wasn't able to jump on their demands or be available when they wanted me to be available... I'm often a very strong willed individual who is used to being let down by long-term engagements by people I cared about, but this period of time has been an extremely new experience for me and it took me back emotionally. I had some lingering anxiety issues that can mess with my health that I haven't had to deal with in so long since my first few years in college before now and it wasn't a pleasant situation.. even had a situation where I've confided in someone who I really cared about and knowing everything I am going through and proceeded to turn on me in for some reason... It just took me into a very dark place and caused me to be distant... more than usual to some people that genuinely care about me... It took me awhile to bounce back emotionally as well as to get back to my correct mind space to continue working after this "move situation". Financially I'm slowly recovering, but I'm back at it... and I appreciate everyone who has been patient with me while I was battling this epidemic during this dark chapter in my life. Still getting back on my feet :)

Now that this situation is done. I am working my hardest to get back in the game. There will be a lot of content that will be popping up between now and the first of January! I hope you guys are with me on this.

There will be frequent updates on some new things coming your way as well as content for the YouTube Channel and new pages for the web-comics and graphic design. I will be updating the Feed pages and creating a mobile interface as well. Not to mention that there will be content to look for with my partners as well with Zenon, CLT Art Action Creatives, and more. ..Little tid-bits and posts here and there as well.

I really appreciate everyone who has stayed with me! I am incredibly grateful!!!