Updated: Oct 19, 2020


That's right! You read that correctly. Millsbury media's Website and Blog feed will be hosting it's very first virtual Art show, Art gallery, Art Exhibition for indie visual artists and Millsbury Media exclusives.

As an artist working in this "cut throat" world we live in we can find it hard to juggle personal life priorities with creative career goals as well as setting out time to actually map that stuff out. The world is unfair and especially to anyone in the art or marketing industry... Myself, working as a graphic designer has been hard especially in 2020 where your field of work is deemed as non-essential and most companies do not open these positions often. In the field of Graphic Design, Media Arts, or Production & Marketing can be fickle. You have more chances working as a IT engineer with a office seat opening of three.

Normally people in the art industry when they gain a position, that seat will often stay field for a long period of time. It's easier to find temporary positions or small contracts with corporate companies. The Media arts and Animation scene can be even more "cut throat". This is saying that there are large biases with in the field with the industry being a matter of "who you know" or "are you a part of this solicited animation guild" which can be hard and tedious for people who hasn't graduated from a top tier college with a masters degree, over 10 years experience, or multiple minor & graduate degrees. You can just imagine how hard it is for someone who hasn't been fortunate enough to get the chance to go to college and believe me without a basic leverage just having free time is a dime a dozen trying to live in a world where you can't live comfortable on your own without making a minimum of 40k annually a year.

Sometimes the phrase "You make time for the things you want.." is a false statement. Sometimes time and circumstances or even health can skew your coarse in life and it can be unfair. Though knowing that people have a dream and wish to push forward for a better tomorrow is something to at least fight for. This is where we come in and help each other out in this art community.

This Art Exhibition is a personal push, but also wanting it to become a possible movement or project where indie visual artist (or even indie artist in general. Art, Music, or Film etc.) can come together and see new artists, new art, new projects and more. Allow people to network and benefit from each other in the long run without having an amazing resume or history with the "Big Dawgs" of the industry.

This is a personal-sort-of-kick-starter project so most of the exhibits that will be featured early on will mainly Maurice Miller exclusive exhibits, but hopefully I will be able to showcase other people and spread new faces to the public as much as I can!

If you don't follow me on twitter (@millsburymedia) or Instragram (@millsburyartz2go) then you probably don't know that I'm a personality that tries his hardest to only emulate good vibes and positive energy (though I am human lol).

I hope you this makes a mark in your mind and you look forward to this "thang" as much as I am! See you soon!!! Planning the first exhibit in November!

Below are some promotional art created by Millsbury Media

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