King Grizzly

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King using "Bear Quake" in the first Chapter of June Seven



  • Aliases: "General"

  • Species: Mutated Human from Outer Universe

  • Relatives: unknown

  • Affiliations: June Seven ( Third member and Best friend to Gerald Seven ), Renegade Space ( Current citizen)

  • Birth date: June 10th 1998 (Current age in comics 26)

  • Millsbury Media Universe Period and Location: Present day Era (Between year 2000 - 2030) Infinity 2 in infinite year count

  • Abilities: Skilled at Close Combat and multiple fighting styles. General/Military/Leadership skills. Skilled at using All types of weaponry. Soul Emulation - To harness one's self spiritual energy in combat. First in his time period to exhibit the genetic ability called "Burst" (an ability often used in Pride Helix)

  • Equipment: Stabilization Gauntlets - Allows Grizzly to repress his mutated genes either at will or for a set amount of time. The gauntlets doesn't allow to be in use 24/7 and eventually needs Cool down time!

More information will be updated soon. Please read June Seven for more!