Small Message 5.30.2020

SO there has been a lot going on

so much is happening and it's all so hard to keep up, but what is clear is people are fed up and doing what they/we need to do to be heard.

Now I do not like inputting into politics and civil or global issues, because I do not like confrontation for having an opposing opinion to someone, but...

I, Maurice Miller, am a black man with an african american mother and father with some cherokee indian on my mother's side of the family and seeing everything that is going on hurts and I'm sure my ancestors and everything they fought for cries out at things like this happening... All I can say right now is keep speaking up and speaking out. Try to stay safe. Prayers ARE up.

While I know there are opposing opinions about answering violence with violence or replying differently... apparently voices are being heard.

Speak up. Speak out, Stay safe and Prayers up. As one of my old co-workers would say.

We are in some rough times and we are living in a pandemic & Civil conflict situation... 2020 proves to be a tough year so far. . .



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